Enjoying Attractions of Paris

Attractions of Paris

Enjoying the attractions of Paris is something that should be on your itinerary if you are visiting the city. While there are many museums to visit, you should not miss the Smithsonian museums. They are home to antiquities and works of art from scores of different cultures. You can view the famous Mona Lisa and the Winged Victory of Samothrace. You will also find an array of works from the Renaissance and Baroque eras.
Centre Pompidou

If you're a fan of contemporary art, you'll love the Centre Pompidou in Paris. It's Europe's largest museum of modern art. Opened in 1977, it has become one of the top attractions in the city. It receives nearly as many visitors as the Eiffel Tower, making it one of the busiest museums in the world.
Jardins des Tuileries

Jardins des Tuileries is one of the most popular parks in Paris. Visitors can take a stroll through this beautiful park, or even enjoy a picnic. The park serves as the city's green lung. It is a wonderful escape for visitors and locals alike.
Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of Paris' most popular attractions. You can visit it by taking a hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus, or take a Batobus river bus that docks just next to the cathedral. There are two tours available, including a tower tour, which allows you to climb up to the cathedral's roof. You can also buy audio-guides at the cathedral's reception. These guides explain the spiritual message of the cathedral. They are available in a variety of languages.
Musee Picasso

For an art lover, the Musee Picasso will not disappoint. Its collections include thousands of Picasso's pieces. The museum is divided into three distinct sections, and there are interactive multimedia displays to enjoy. Its collection spans the years 1895 to 1972, and it also features personal collections of Picasso. In addition to the museum, you can visit the museum's rooftop cafe.
Chateau de la Reine Blanche

The Chateau de la Reine Blanche is located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. This former mansion was built around the 14th century. It is a historical monument and is considered one of the best hotels in Paris. This property offers comfortable rooms with a fully equipped kitchen and microwave. The hotel also features a flat-screen TV and a wardrobe. There are also several places to eat nearby.
Tour Montparnasse

If you want to get the best views of the city, take a tour of the Montparnasse Tower, the highest skyscraper in Paris. This 689-foot structure offers stunning views of the city and even the surrounding countryside. Located in the Montparnasse district, you can also visit the nearby Montparnasse Cemetery, which is home to several notable graves. You can also catch a bus to the Luxembourg Gardens, which is open to the public.
Arc de Triomphe

If you're traveling to Paris for a long weekend, you may want to combine a trip to the Arc de Triomphe with a river cruise on the Seine. Both activities offer breathtaking views of the city lights. While the latter will require some planning, both will be worth the price. You'll be able to enjoy the city's best sites without the hassle of waiting in line.
Luxembourg Gardens

If you're looking for an escape from the bustling city of Paris, enjoy the peaceful Luxembourg Gardens. These 55 acres of open space are home to more than 100 statues. Among these is the original statue of Liberty Enlightening the World. There are also several terraces with statues of former French queens. You'll be able to enjoy a picnic lunch or a quiet moment while watching the people go by.
La Madeleine church

If you're looking for an old-fashioned church in the heart of Paris, La Madeleine church should be at the top of your list. This church dates back to the 19th century and still features an organ. It is run by the Archdiocese of Paris and hosts countless classical concerts. The church is also situated in a beautiful neighborhood with 18th-century chateaus, luxury shopping, and a quaint, historic atmosphere.